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List of commands?

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  • Juniel_BBM
    Hi Chuck,

    If you are programming in C/C++, it would be best to refer to the libraries available in GitHub such as the Arduino library we have. I've also attached the documentation of command available.

    You can also download the documentation of the commands here to ensure the latest copy.

    Best Regards
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  • Chuck D
    started a topic List of commands?

    List of commands?

    Is there a complete list of the commands that can be sent to the TED-96? I am writing my own software to drive the display from a microprocessor. I have developed my own list, primarily by using the controller and seeing what it sends when certain widgets are activated, but I was wondering if there were more commands that I'm not seeing that way. For example, is there a command to dim the display? Is there a published list in one of the manuals?